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We were having the best time at the flea market in New York — until someone thought we were for sale and tried to buy us!

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We can honestly say that the best thing about New York is the abundance of delicious snacks everywhere!

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Most fun in NYC: ping pong at SPiN!

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Goodness, there was a tornado in Park Slope, where we were visiting friends last night. A tornado in Brooklyn! Fallen trees everywhere!

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Our first day ever In New York City — we don’t know where to begin!

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The LIRR, transfer at Jamaica to Atlantic (where we catch the R); we haven’t even made it to Brooklyn and already we’re weary! But the public transportation system in New York is outstanding!

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We just boarded our connecting flight in Philly — New York City, here we come!

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We’re lucky we don’t have to remove our shoes when going through airport security — since we don’t wear any in the first place!

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It never fails: we overpack every time we travel. Every single time.

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