• Twitter Pupdates for 2010-08-30


  • Twitter Pupdates for 2010-08-29

    We had the best dance party last night, just the two of us! #

  • Twitter Pupdates for 2010-08-28

    We picked up a second-hand magical Hot Food Generator from a fundraiser sidewalk sale for @RocketDogRescue! # @mrrustymonkey We do so admire your spirit! in reply to mrrustymonkey #

  • Twitter Pupdates for 2010-08-27

    6:20am and it's just starting to get light out. Yup, it's official: the end of summer draws nigh. #

  • Twitter Pupdates for 2010-08-26

    Goodness, we're STILL wiped out from yesterday's heatwave! # #WoofWednesday @bunnyJeanCook @Mattiedog @BigBoyBosco @PitBull1970 @busybuttons @animallover1607 @MissBusyBiz @JustAnotherTrnd @BearBearD #

  • Twitter Pupdates for 2010-08-24

    We always make a point of stopping and smelling the roses! # @frugaldougal Our dashing new neighbor Picard came to us from @RocketDogRescue — a wonderful rescue organization! #

  • Twitter Pupdates for 2010-08-23

    @GoodBoyBassy We love puddles too! in reply to GoodBoyBassy # We had a slumber party with our dashing new neighbor Picard! We giggled so hard when he slept — it looked like he # Tagged: @grayandnameless – #

  • Twitter Pupdates for 2010-08-22

    We had such a busy week, we completely forgot to pay our bills and balance our checkbook! Looks like it's going to # Tagged: @grayandnameless – #

  • Twitter Pupdates for 2010-08-21

    #followfriday Have a wonderful weekend! @Pitbull1970 @happpiii @MrRustyMonkey @Henryandfriends @thisbear @mattiedog @brutusthedane @ollyted # #followfriday Have a wonderful weekend! @Anipals @Rocknroll_ELLE @HanksBaconBeer @Fergusthedog @tailsmagazines @trailerparkdogs @pug_life # We read that a little exposure to sunshine everyday is a natural — and fun! — way to get more Vitamin D, an esse # An exciting…

  • Twitter Pupdates for 2010-08-20

    When we play piano we take turns; who gets white keys, who gets black keys. It keeps it interesting. #