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Sometimes, you have to walk some dull, endless passages…

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How can it only be January 5 — yet 2014 seems so very long ago?

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Happy New Year! We spend most of the first day of 2015 reflecting.

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Cozying by the fire — our first! — on our favorite day of the year.

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Every Thanksgiving this happens. We buy a pie to share with friend after dinner… But we’re not able to resist, and end up eating it for breakfast. Which is why we buy two pies now!

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We’ve finally decided upon our 2014 Halloween costumes: travelers from West Africa newly arrived at Newark Airport!

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Upon arriving in Atlanta (our first time!) for the upcoming Atlanta Underdog Initiative (A.UD.I.) Pitty Pawty fundraiser next week. Clearly we approached the wrong party about directions to the Gone With The Wind tour!

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Check out Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl!

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The event is this coming Thursday, September 18. Please visit their site here, and if you can, donate any amount you can. Every little bit saves lives.  

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