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When Gray & Nameless go camping for the first time, they are awed by the natural beauty of the outdoors — and saddened by the littering of fellow campers. They return home with a new resolve to respect their environment and be “green”! Click on each image to start reading their latest story.

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When Gray & Nameless learn how much rich Chinese culture there is in San Francisco’s own Chinatown, they set out on a journey to experience the city’s diversity by exploring its many ethnic neighborhoods.

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Feeling the urge to be a more productive part of society, Gray & Nameless join the workforce!

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After going through an unsettling ordeal, Nameless has difficulty returning to everyday life. But with Gray at his side for support, he gets the help he needs to put the experience behind him and move on.

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Gray & Nameless set out for a fun night in the city, only to learn that helping others feels better than anything else!

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Like most of us, Gray & Nameless did a little too much snacking over the holidays. Time to start exercising!

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You can get the inspiration for your next adventure (real or in your dreams)  almost anywhere you look! Like in a book, or on TV, or…

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Together, Gray & Nameless take their first trip on a plane to surprise Nameless’ grandma on her birthday! They had no idea that airports and grandmas could be such fun…

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You don’t need to leave the house to have an exciting day. All you need is a little imagination to have the best adventures, wherever you are! Click on the first image to see it full size, and to begin the story!

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