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We’re saving for our next big adventure. Until then, we have books that will take us to places we want to go — and places unknown!

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We are saddened that so many people form opinions — and judgements — based on erroneous information. Here’s an infographic about our (needless to say) favorite breed — PITTIES! You can learn more here.  

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  We were delighted when we saw a sign for “Hooters,” as we are fascinated by owls (and of course, forging interspecies friendships is always a priority). Boy, were we ever surprised!

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We’re not sure which we enjoy more: being on vacation, or planning a vacation!

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The oddest thing happened today during our morning walk. Not once but TWICE, when we wished fellow walkers a Good Morning, they said nothing.   Which really makes us hope that they do indeed have a good morning — or at least a better one!    

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Sometimes we find ourselves in truly incredible places… and yet we wish we could just be at home.

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It happens every year. Just when we get used to it being completely dark outside at 5pm… we have to get used to it being light outside until 8pm!

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This may very well be the greatest day of our lives — we are at the¬†Puppy Bowl, thanks to our dear friends at the Atlanta Underdog Initiative!

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…to get to some pretty special places.

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