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To those of you struggling in harsh winter conditions throughout the country, you are in out thoughts and prayers.

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Gray and Nameless decided they would make it top priority to share information about rescuing pups, as well as ending animal abuse, overpopulation, and neglect. They also set a goal to educate themselves — and others — about the important role that animals can play in everybody’s lives.

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When they got home, Gray and Nameless — and Gray and Nameless were more grateful than ever that they had a safe home — they felt sad that they weren’t able to bring all the dear pups at the shelter back with them. “I wish there were a way we could help them find a […]

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Even though we arrived before they were officially, the very nice — and very camera shy — Ray and Luis wee kind enough to let us in and meet the pups. Boy, were they ever happy to have visitors!

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OH NO! The sign says they open at 1:00 PM — it’s only 11:30 AM now. “We came too early, Gray. We should have phoned first.”

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There it is, Nameless, there’s the shelter!  

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